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Rulz Fitness offers a variety of Workshop Events:

Upcoming Events:
Apr. 21st – Rulz Health Workshop – FREE Tickets Available!
Apr. 28th – Triple Diva Fitness Workshop – Tickets Available!
May 6th – Free Open House  –  Tickets Available!

A peak at May Events!
May 12th – Mommy and Me Workshop – Click for more info!
May 19th – Neu Neu Fitness Workshop – Click for more info!
May 20th – Healthy Meals Vegan Workshop – Tickets Available!
May 26th – Line Dancing Workshop – Click for more info!

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Rulz Fitness is located:
14450 Old Mill Road #201
Upper Marlboro, MD
(202) 596-RULZ (7859)   *  www.rulzfitness.com

The studio is in the first building on the right. Up the stairs as soon as you turn left into the parking lot. The sign is not visible from the street. You will see the bay window with the hip scarfs hanging in the windows.

Bellydance/Fitness/Yoga Workshops – Proving a variety of professional guest instructors to provide specialized training to focus on specific categories for improvement of physical health. Instructors share their knowledge; provide creativity, movement, and great music aimed to encourage, personal growth and self confidence.

Health and Wellness – digging deeper into the ideology that you are what you eat! Goal aimed to women challenge their personal body-related concerns, talk more positively about their bodies, what we put into our bodies and how what we eat affects us.

Singing Bowl Mediation – meditation using the calming vibrations, we’ll explore ways to use whatever sounds are around you to recover that feeling of peace and serenity. Train your body and mind to relax the easy way. Treat yourself to some deep self-care. Find the peace you know is inside you and develop skills you can use anywhere to Relax with Sound. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, renewed, and empowered.

Chakra Dance – a form of nourishment through free dance energizing your true self and your soul. Blending free-flowing movements with particular frequencies of sound, Chakra dance will free the energy in your body and open you to a deeper experience of life. This dance works through the 7 chakras and grounds us back to the spirit within.

RULZ Fitness Business Services:  Don’t forget to check us out for ladies night, conferences, team building and workshop/retreat needs! We are here to help your female team members restore, rejuvenate and renew their own personal fitness journey to increase a positive lifestyle. Send inquiries to: bellydance@rulzfitness.com

If you are interested in having a intimate group gathering in a unique environment, allow us to accommodate your needs. We offer a  facility that is beautiful, practical and functional. Send inquiries to: bellydance@rulzfitness.com