Become a Rulz Fitness Diva Member!!

Rulz Fitnes Diva Member 

Become a Rulz Fitness Diva.
Unlimited Class Access for $79.17 (For fitness classes only) 
All specialty workshops are always $15 for RF Diva Members

Access to private Diva Group
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Unlimited Class Passes

Rulz Fitnes Diva Member BEST VALUE $79.17 a month for both plans:
(use for fitness classes)
6 months – Membership is charged monthly for 6 months.
RF Super Diva (All Classes) $475.00 Purchase Here

1  year – Membership is charged monthly for 12 months.
RF Super Diva (All Classes) $950.00 Purchase Here

Payments must be made monthly in order to maintain discount if missed subject to applicable fees. If membership is cancelled member subject to early termination/cancellation fees.

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Cancellation/Fees terms. 

Just remember in order to continue to qualify for the great discounted Diva Membership, the account must be active and paid by automated monthly due date.In the event of a missed automatic payment a $30 late fee will be added to the Rulz Fitness Dancing Diva’s account.  In the event of early termination “by the RF Dancing Diva”, or a cease to make payments, the RF Dancing Diva member’s Rulz Fitness account will be charged a $150.00 cancellation fee. All late, early termination/cancellation fees must be paid in full before returning tolass in order to participate.

Membership extensions may be granted if injuries or some other life situation occurs that does not allow you to practice.