Rulz Fitness is located:
14450 Old Mill Road #201
Upper Marlboro, MD
(202) 596-RULZ (7859)

The studio is in the first building on the right. Up the stairs as soon as you turn left into the parking lot. The sign is not visible from the street. You will see the bay window with the hip scarfs hanging in the windows.

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RULZ Fitness Class Payment

Class Schedule:

Tight & Tone 6pm Yoga
Tight & Tone 6pmBellydance 7:45am
Yoga 7pm Bellydance 7pm Bellydance 7pm Yoga 7pm Yoga 9am

Upcoming Events:

Feb. 10th, 17th, 24th – All About Fitness Series – Tickets Available!
Mar. 3rd – HIPSKixs  Tickets Available!
Mar. 4th – Free Open House  Tickets Available!

Class Pricing:
Bellydance  & Yoga Class Drop In: 
5 Classes $50 (expires in 12 months)
9 Classes $80 (expires in 12 months)
Class Cards: (Not transferable or refundable)

RF Diva Tighten & Tone Class Drop In:  $6
5 Classes $25 (expires in 12 months)
8 Classes $40 (expires in 12 months)
Class Cards: (Not transferable or refundable)

Month Combo Class Card (use for all classes)
24 Class Card $180 (expires in 12 months)
Class Cards: (Not transferable or refundable)

“NEVER” been to Rulz Fitness??
GroupOn is available for Bellydance Fitness Classes.
Groupon available for first time customers ONLY – ONE PER CUSTOMER!
Groupon holders RSVP for class here!

Rulz Fitnes Diva Member BEST VALUE $79.17 a month for both plans:
Unlimited Class Passes (use for all classes)
6 months – Membership is charged monthly for 6 months.
RF Super Diva (All Classes) $475.00 Purchase Here

1  year – Membership is charged monthly for 12 months.
RF Super Diva (All Classes) $950.00 Purchase Here

Payments must be made monthly in order to maintain discount if missed subject to applicable fees. If membership is cancelled member subject to early termination/cancellation fees.

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Cancellation/Fees terms. 

Just remember in order to continue to qualify for the great discounted Diva Membership, the account must be active and paid by automated monthly due date.In the event of a missed automatic payment a $30 late fee will be added to the Rulz Fitness Dancing Diva’s account.  In the event of early termination “by the RF Dancing Diva”, or a cease to make payments, the RF Dancing Diva member’s Rulz Fitness account will be charged a $150.00 cancellation fee. All late, early termination/cancellation fees must be paid in full before returning to class in order to participate.

Membership extensions may be granted if injuries or some other life situation occurs that does not allow you to practice. CLICK HERE for more details!

What do I wear to class?
Comfortable workout clothes.  Fitted to see your sexy waistline go to work!  Hip Scarf to shake those coins. Barefoot dance – but not required.  This is a great work out!  It will improve feminine health, stimulate blood circulation & digestion, increase joint fluidity, and boost self confidence.

Private Lessons/Fitness Party
Students interested in arranging private or small group lessons rates:

1 person – 60 minutes $60
2 people – 60 minutes $80

Host a Rulz Fitness Party?
For more details, Email: bellydance@rulzfitness.com

What RULZ FITNESS offers:

BellyDance Fitness – Fun active class with great traditional & nontraditional music! Fundamentals are taught so no experience is required!  Wear comfortable workout clothing.  Bellydancing is a great workout, improves feminine health, stimulates blood circulation & digestion, increase joint fluidity, and boost self confidence.

RF Diva Tighten & Tone – Sculpt your body to what you desire with this fun music, and energetic strength training class.  A 60-minute class that will focus on your abs, arms, and legs while being challenged with your body as equipment, building muscular strength, endurance, and balance while learning proper form and posture for all exercises.

Yoga Class – Jiivana Yoga® is influenced by Vinyasa Hatha Yoga and created by Spiritual Essence Yoga & Wellness founder, Dana Smith.  Jiivana is the Sanskrit word for LIFE, which is an acronym meaning Living Inspired and Fearless EVERYday.  It is our belief that life is a beautiful gift given to us to be lived each and every day inspirationally and fearlessly.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow for Check-in. ALL classes start promptly! Children permitted only as class participants. Recommended age 13 on up.